Jacobim Mugatu (Zoolander) Crazy Pills


Jacobim Mugatu Crazy Pills Meme
Watermark is removed on finished product.

This classic movie meme comes framed and ready for display on the wall or on your desk.

Image Size: 5″X7″ (approx.)
Frame Size: 7.25″X9.25″ (approx.)

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In the 2001 movie Zoolander, Jacobim Mugatu is the head of a large fashion design conglomerate. Along with Male Model Agent Maury Ballstein, Mugatu is charged with assassinating the Prime Minister of Malaysia because he is threatening to crack down on the sweatshops there that produce the clothing. Mugatu enlists an unsuspecting Derek into becoming the assassin through a series of hypnotic sessions masquerading as spa treatments.

All through the movie there is reference to a new ‘look’ Derek Zoolander is working on. It’s called ‘Magnum’, and looks a lot like all the other trademarked looks Derek gives as part of his repertoire.

When the assassination plot is uncovered during a fashion show featuring the Malaysian Prime Minister as the guest of honor, Mugatu tries to convince the crowd that all of Derek’s accusations are false. In doing so, he tells the crowd that all of Derek’s trademarked looks are exactly the same and he feels like he’s, “Taking crazy pills!


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